Friday, November 5, 2010

It's Craft Fair Time

My first blog!  I'm no longer left behind in the last century. Wish me luck!

I'm off to yet another Craft Fair today, this time I'm going up to "The Villages" in central Florida.  What a kooky name! Another long drive.  This is a market I'm still testing out.  I've done one other up there and it was fairly successful.  This one needs to be really good after Mount Dora or I'll need to decide if I'm going again.

Stopped by Paper Niche yesterday and left off the Holiday Cards for my December class.  This one will be really low key, laid back.  We'll explore shaker cards, something that's fun and you can even do with kids.  I took a picture of 2 of the cards and I'm going to try to attach it to this blog.  I'm REALLY out of my element, cross your fingers.  It was cloudy when I took the pics, so they're not the best quality.  I have no time to re-take them. Live with it.  OMG, it worked!  Have absolutely no idea how I did that and probably won't be able to duplicate it. 

I'm off to pack the trailer and my suitcase.  Temperature if falling, this is a very good sign in my book!