Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What I've been Up To

Spent a couple rainy days in the studio recently and dug out some paper that I’ve been dying to use.  It’s the Love Letters Collection from Recollections and even though it’s “Love Letters”, it’s very subtle and lends itself to lots of interpretations.  It’s more a love letter to the world than to a person. Had a good time putting it together. Take a Look.

The chipboard cover is hinged with bookbinding tape that I stamped with gold ink and a checkerboard pattern to compliment some of the interior pages. It’s very subtle but adds depth to it.  It’s got a Seven Gypsies Knob on the front and a black elastic on the back cover that holds it closed. Love it! 

Monday, July 16, 2012

Up To My Knees In Banners!

About a month ago I peeked in on Life on the Scrap Beach and Kathryn was working on a Banner Book as a Father's Day present.  Got me thinking. I'd been looking for something new to bring into my ETSY Shop and to offer at the Art Shows in the Fall.  Did some research, ordered a couple styles, and got busy, very busy!  Here's the first round, there's more to come later in the week. Enjoy!