Sunday, July 24, 2011


I try hard to blog here at least once a week. Sometimes I have no excuse for missing my self-imposed deadline. This time I have a VERY good excuse.  My daughter’s getting married!  She and the Groom want a February wedding.  Not February 2013, but 2012, like in 7 months – YIKES!  My daughter is employed as an administrator in a local school district, so she goes back to school on Monday!  Yikes, again!

So in the last 14 days we (collectively) have:
* Chosen a date
* Secured a venue and put a deposit on it
* Moved money around to pay for everything
* Shopped, selected and paid for a wedding gown
* Picked out a color scheme
* Selected a manufacturer for bridesmaid dresses
* Created a guest list
* Shopped for, designed and created “Saved the Date” cards and Wedding Invitations
* Met the grooms parents
* Booked a block of rooms for out of town guests

Oh, that’s right, this is a destination wedding (Key Largo, Florida) everyone (including us!) will be from out of town. Thanks Casey and Frank, I now have LOTS to do in the next 7 months.  Figured you needed a sneak peak, and I promise you this will be the last of this until after the event.  Here are some peaks at the dresses that didn’t make the cut . . .
A real close contender

See the look on her face, it's a $4000 Vera Wang dress.  Beautiful, but not in the budget!

I think the worst of it is over, wishful thinking I guess. I’m going on-line to see what I can from the recent CHA convention!

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