Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Making My Own Embellishments

   Halloween’s coming and I’ve been working on some items for my ETSY shop.  I really like to make as many of the embellishments I use as I can so I thought I’d share with you some of the embellishments. 
    It’s amazing what you can do with burlap!  I cut some flowers out of the Tim Holtz Tattered Florals die with the burlap.  The weave was fairly loose and I didn’t want the flowers to fray so I went around all the petals with Fray-check, both front and back. Added some copper wire for plant tendrils and made some hat-pin embellishments to finish it. 

  I had some raw wood witches hats so I painted one purple and went back over it with Rock Candy Crackle Paint. When it dried I rubbed in some Black Soot ink and wiped the excess off.  It’s hard to capture the look of the piece on camera but it fits the piece it’s going on really well. 
    I Printed BOO! Out a few times on cream cardstock and distressed it by swiping it through Tea Dye and Vintage Photo ink diluted with some water on a craft sheet.  After it dried, it was spritzed with Sunflower Sparkle Perfect Pearls Mist  and left to dry.  It became the center of the bookplate.
     The last embellishment was the most fun to make.  I started with a Wilton Skulls Ice Mold.  Because they’re made of silicone, they’re also good for embossing powder.  I melted some clear UTEE and tinted it with To Dye For Orange. That created the transparent orange skulls. Cool, but not enough of a WOW factor.  I used UTEE Britz in Tiger Lily for my next set. That’s it!  Works for me. 

Stay tuned for the reveal of the project tomorrow!

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