Thursday, April 25, 2013

Coffee and Cream

Many of you know that I sell what I make on ETSY. If you've never visited the site, you need to.  I describe it as EBay for artists.  Just like Pinterest, it can be addicting! It includes artist from all over the world in categories from jewelry to woodwork. It's fun to look at what's out there and be inspired by what you see.

 I also make it a point to buy on ETSY in support of my fellow artists.  I get lots of supplies there, unique or hard to find goodies right at my fingertips! Great for pinning onto that other addiction, Pinterest! And I always make it my first stop when looking for gifts for my teenage grand daughter with the very specific tastes.  Doesn't hurt that she's on the site too and can "Heart" items she loves. I get notified and have a ready list of birthday gifts and "just because" surprises that come her way.

One of the neat things about ETSY is that you can create a "Treasury," a group of 16 items that have a common theme that is outstanding ( to your mind) in some way.  Here's an example of a great Treasury, enjoy!

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