Saturday, May 18, 2013

2 Shot handicap

Last night I finished the latest FSU albums to go up on ETSY and I had all intensions of posting a “How To” on creating the flower on the front.  Went looking for the camera . . . .and looking . . .  and looking! &%^*#.

NO CAMERA!  So I called my daughter and borrowed hers.  Read: new camera, no clue how to adjust the settings so the contrast comes out clear or there isn't a blue cast to all the photos! 

Add to that the fact that this album is in dark shades of garnet, chestnut, gold cream and black and thus the title.  I had 2 things working against me.  Scratch the “How To”. Just post the album. 

I made 2 and one’s already been promised so there’s only one left on the site for sale.

YEAH! Anyway, enjoy.  I’m off to find my &%$# camera!

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