Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Just Perfect!

 I had some time between Scrapbook Expo and my next adventure so I went to EPCOT on Sunday. From March to May every year they have a Garden Festival and their beautiful grounds are gussied up in all things Spring. I try to go about every third year, trying to hit it when everything’s had a chance to establish itself and the weather’s still cool. Can I just say that Sunday was perfect!  The temperature at 10:00 when I went through the gate was 63 degrees! There was a slight breeze all day and the temperature didn’t get above 75.

Even though I only live 3 hours south of Orlando, there are lots of things that grow up here that don’t in sunny Ft. Lauderdale. So I just took the day to explore all the plants and attend some of my favorite countries. That’s right, I speed right past the front of the park, past the Fast Tracks, and the Soaring ride, past the giant aquarium and the huge ball that defines EPCOT and head right for the World exhibits at the back of the park. 

I love the films in France, Canada, China and Norway. Love the exhibit in Japan where you can pick an oyster they open for you and extract your own real pearl. Love the night sky in the Mexico exhibit too. And Mexico was special this year as I attended on Cinco de Mayo! They were celebrating in the street in front of the exhibit and inside as well, so much fun. I even snagged lunch in France without a reservation. Wasn’t so lucky trying to get into Canada for dinner, but that’s OK.  There’s always another year.

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