Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Some Love for 7 Gypsies

I admit it, I'm a 7 Gypsies paper hoarder.  I have lots of it and I love using it.  It's timeless and versatile.  I wanted to create a small album, kind of like a brag book, of places I'd traveled to and this is what I came up with.  I just pulled out my 7 Gypsies pile and went through it looking for papers that were fairly neutral and went well together.  It's a combination of chipboard pages and envelopes that serve as both a place to hide journaling of ephemera, and a canvas for more photos.

A few seasons ago, 7 Gypsies produced a series of stickers based around themes.  I think they did one for every letter of the alphabet.  I think I have them all. One of my favorites is titled Gypsy. I love both the colors and the sentiments. I turn many of them into page accents which allows me to customize the album I'm creating just a little bit more. I love this tiny treasure. Enjoy!

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