Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hat Pins anyone?

So while I'm making the Wedding Album for my nephew I think, need to add a hat pin or two to this baby, really jazz it up. Besides, goes with the theme.  I'll make them out of Corsage Pins. Three weeks and two trips to the local craft store and I'm in business. Why stop there, I think?  I'll make a couple more and add them to my stash so I'll have a few when I need them.  I know, I can go a little overboard.
So two MORE trips to the craft store and a purchase from an online vendor (couldn't find hat pin blanks locally) and now I'm REALLY overboard!  My timeline for what to get done this week to add to the ETSY shop went out the window!   But I've got some gorgeous hat pins up on the ETSY sight for sale.  Check the rest of them out and look for some new UCF Photo trays to go up on the sight very soon.


  1. Very cool pins!!! Thanks, Barbara, for visiting and commenting on my blog!!!