Sunday, May 27, 2012

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Started off the weekend with a Friday Crop at Paper Niche.  Nice to be able to create with a group of like minded people who offer support and inspiration.  On Saturday we braved Ft. Lauderdale Beach for a family picnic and to celebrate a birthday.  Great weather and we got to watch part of the Beach Volleyball  tournament that was happening on the beach.  

Traffic in the morning wasn't bad, we got there early.  But trying to get out at 4:00 pm reminded me why we don't go to the beach on weekends.  Between the bridge going up on 17th street and trying to navigate all the traffic from multiple event on the beach for Memorial Day Weekend, it took us about an hour to get home.

Checked my email this morning and was delighted to discover that I'd been included in another Treasury on ETSY, this one themed for Memorial Day Weekend.  This is the Photo Album that was included in the treasury. 

You can see the entire treasury here:

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.  I'm going to pay a visit to my dad and thank him again for serving in WWII. After all, it's why we celebrate this weekend.

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