Thursday, August 16, 2012

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

It’s rapidly approaching “Art Show Season” around my studio and with it always comes the panic that I haven’t produced enough goodies to sell.  My focus naturally turns to remedying that. Add to the mix the fact that my hubby is in Amsterdam from June 28 through September 10 and it’s a recipe for errors! No one to look at my work and say, “Something’s wrong here.”  

Big sellers in my tent at shows are Wall Words. Sometimes it’s “Dream,” sometimes it’s holiday related like “Ghost” or “Santa,” but my booth and ETSY site always contains college related wall words. They sell well. So I took inventory and knew that I needed to produce college wall words.  Did some for UCF and FSU, took pictures and was getting ready to put them up on my ETSY site. I was editing the pics for the FSU production, (I made 3 of them) and it suddenly hit me. Mind you, it takes me 2 weeks to create these so I had AMPLE time to realize the error. It took until they were complete and ready to be sold for me to realize that even though I was working with FSU colors, I had screwed the letters together to read USF! I must be out on Mars someplace, really.

I did manage to salvage the “S” in all of them, but had to start from scratch on everything else.  Here’s one corrected. You can see the second one on ETSY. Number three sold this weekend at the "Trash to Treasure" show at Paper Niche. Told you they were popular!

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