Monday, April 18, 2011

I have a nephew who's getting married this Saturday.  I figured a Wedding Album that they could put photos in and some journaling too would be appropriate, so I made the happy couple one.  Actually, I made more than one.  Figured since I finally found paper I liked and it was coming up on Wedding Season anyway, I might as well make more than one and list one on my ETSY site.  Love how it turned out, just don't like the photos.  It's really had to photograph black, white, grey and silver without it looking really dull or with a yellow cast.  I bet I took 200 pictures over two days and I'm still not satisfied with what I posted.  I'll keep working on them, in the mean time, here's some pictures of the album. You can also see them here:  Enjoy!  I'm going to go play with my camera now!

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