Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fabric Flowers for Puerto Rico

Spent some time last night prepping for the flower swap at the Puerto Rico Scrapbook Event. All the flowers are done. I’m halfway through making the ”I Wanna Swap” sign for around my neck. That can’t be ordinary either!
I thought I’d show you a short tutorial on how I put them together.  Start by cutting out 2 inch circles from some satin and some glittery organza. Put an organza circle on top of the satin and folded it in half and then in quarters with the organza on the outside. This gives you a pie shaped piece. 

Then cut a very small section out of the tip of the pie shape and held it together with a bulldog clip.  Create 6 of these and then cut a 1inch circle out of cardboard for the base. 

Fire up your glue gun.  Put a small amount of glue on one quarter of the cardboard circle and attach the first piece. 

Follow with the next 3 pieces so that you’ve got the entire circle filled.

Put a small amount of glue in the center of the circle and attach the last to pieces on top of the first 4.

Finish it off with a gem or a button. I used a Bazzill Button.

I created 18 flowers, can’t wait to go swap them!

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