Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Puerto Rico - The Iron Edition

Convention Center
from my hotel window!
Well, I’m back!  Spent the better part of yesterday (my birthday) in the airport in Puerto Rico waiting for our delayed flight.  Finally made it home - four hours late. I have to say that this was an experience I won’t soon forget.  There was so much dancing I was getting dizzy!  Puerto Ricans are the happiest people I’ve met in a long time. Had a ball and the most amazing part were the teachers we got to learn from.

T!m's Technique Canvas
Friday we had an all morning class with Tim Holtz.  In the afternoon it was Margie Romney-Aslett and then The Glitz Girls. Tim’s class was amazing.  He’s my favorite teacher because he teaches TECHNIQUE!  Love it that I can take what I learned from the class and apply it to what I want to make.  Here’s the piece we created. He’s got better pictures of it on his blog so you can also see it there.
Also Loved Margie's Penant Chipboard book that we created.  Lots of fun summer colors that I know I have pictures for!

The BEST part of the weekend, however, had to be Saturday night’s Scrapbook Challenge.  Tim, Margie, Donna and the Glitz Girls were all up on stage and they had overhead cameras so we could watch them work.
The Challenge begins!

Donna and the Glitz Girls
throwing down!

Margie's Team name was "I got Tim Holtz!  "
Each team was given lots of scrapbooks supplies and a “secret ingredient” to create a 12 x 12” canvas.  The “secret ingredient” was lots of colorful paper.  It was a blast watching both teams create against a background of Caribbean music and the further into the challenge the zanier it got.  First they stole supplies from each other. At one point, they were applying war paint!
Love the War Paint!

 There was lots of dancing as they created and a ton of picture taking. The challenge was declared a tie.  Was it?  You be the judge. Tim and Margie’s above, Donna and the Glitz Girls below.

Sunday both Heidi Swapp and Tim were on my schedule.  Heidi's class was very inventive and I'm planning on "scraplifting" some ideas I got and do a Halloween album with them.  In T!m's class we got to put together a journal using lots of distressing,  LOVED IT!

I have a TON of ideas I need to empty out of my brain.  I'm going into the studio to create.  The laundry can wait!

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